About shipping outside Japan

About shipping outside Japan

■Channels where you can buy Okawa-furniture.com products

There are four ways to purchase Okawafurniture.com products outside of Japan. In order of number of products

1,Buy on our website "Okawafurniture.com

Products on this site can be purchased through our proxy purchase site "Buyee".
Only when accessed from a non-Japanese IP address, a pop-up window will display instructions for purchasing products for overseas customers.
(Languages displayed: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian)

Search for products on the site
Dedicated overseas cart appears on the site Browse for the products you want on the site in the same way as Japanese users.

Select the products you want and place an order using the dedicated overseas cart.
Once the desired product is entered into the cart on the company's site, the user can proceed to order in the dedicated overseas cart as well.

Ordering Procedure
When you click the "Proceed to Order" button, you will be directed to the Buyee site. The products are automatically added to the Buyee cart, and you can proceed with the order. After payment is completed, Buyee will process the purchase and ship the product to the customer's home.
You can translate it into a language you understand at the link below

2,Buy at our English site "Sty OKAWA FURNITURE"

Our company has created a dedicated website for people all over the world who can understand English. Although the number of items on the site is small, we have furniture and interior goods made of uniquely Japanese materials, and the English site makes purchasing stress-free.

3,Buy from "Sty\furniture" on Amazon.com in the U.S.

This site is also available only in English, so you can buy from Amazon without any worries. Although the number of items listed here is also small, you can make a smooth purchase at your usual Amazon site.

4、Purchase from the U.S. eBay store "okawakagu "

Although we only occasionally list items on eBay, we have also listed items on eBay in the past.